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Chose between a basic account when you only pay for the games you play or a monthly subscription with a lot of advantages


Pay per use

Pay only for the tokens you're going to use (75€/token*)

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Includes two monthly tokens. You can accummulate them if you don't use them.

If you need more tokens you can buy them at a special price (49€/token*)

Add your logo

Custom URL

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Custom aesthetic

Custom game content

Infinite tokens

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What payment methods do you accept?
In the BASIC and PRO plans, we accept VISA and Mastercard. In the CUSTOM plan, we can accept other methods such as bank transfers. Contact us for more information about the CUSTOM plan.
Can I cancel the account whenever I want?
In the BASIC and PRO plans there is no type of permanence. You can cancel your plan whenever you want. In the CUSTOM plan, it will depend on the agreed conditions.
I have an agency/consulting company. Can I offer GamiTeams to my customers?
Of course. But in that case, we recommend you use a PRO plan to be able to add your logo and have a personalized URL, or a CUSTOM plan to be able to adapt the content of the games to your internal methodologies, and thus offer a more personalized experience.
Can I change plans at any time?
If you have a BASIC or PRO plan you can switch between the two plans as many times as you want without losing your tokens, and you can do it easily from the administration panel. The CUSTOM plan is a personalized adhoc modality for each client, so it will depend on the agreed conditions.
Do the tokens I purchase or the monthly tokens of the PRO plan expire?
Once you acquire a token you will not have a time limit to use them. They will remain forever in your account until you activate them. Even if you change plans, the tokens you had in the previous plan will be kept.
Do I need a token for each player?
No, you don't. A token is used to activate a game. Within that game, you can participate all the users you want (we recommend between 4 and 8 players)
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