These are the games included in Gamiteams
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Create crazy ideas with your team
When the button is pushed, four random animated cards will appear. You'll have 10 minutes to create ideas that meet the requirements of the cards. After that, we can apply the best ideas to our daily grind!
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A game to give and receive feedback
In turns, each player gives feedback required by two random cards. It's a way to create a safe and fun space to recognize the effort of your team and to look for improvement areas to solve.
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Make your team know each other better
In turns, each player decides if they want a TRUTH card or a DARE card. Truth cards encourage people to tell personal stories or funny confessions. DARE cards will force your team member to overcome a fun challenge in front of the webcam. Laughs are granted!
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How to use Gamiteams

With our help you buy tokens. With one token you can start a game.

You tell us which game do you want to play and we'll schedule that game when you need it. With one token you can play with all users you want (we recommend between 4 and 8)

Access the game with the link we'll provide you. Gather your team in a video call and share your screen with the game open.

Just play! One game takes up to two hours, but you can finish it before if you wish, or make it longer with another token.