Online team building games to engage remote teams
So easy to use! Just pick one of the games and share your screen with your remote team
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Engage your team with games designed to boost feedback and improve work environment
Each game is designed exclusively with a clear goal. Have a better knowledge of each other, create a safe and fun place to give and receive feedback, and improve work environment with fresh and creative ideas.
So cheap and simple than you can play frequently. Your company culture needs more than a once-a-year activity
Traditional team-building activities need a huge amount of logistic and economic effort. That's why they only occur once a year.
But GamiTeams is so accessible that you can play frequently. A feedback game each month? Why don't you create "Innovation Fridays"? Just do it!
Perfect for remote teams. You just need a videocall
Expecting all your teammates to gather in the same room and have a team-building activity is a mistake. Gamiteams doesn't want to replace the face-to-face meetings, but until that moment arrives we can't stop paying attention to team engagement.
With Gamiteams, we can play on a video call. Maybe all your team is in remote. Maybe just half of your team. Gamiteam is perfect in both cases.
We can custom the game to fit perfectly in your team
We can add your logo, your corporative colors, or adapt the game content to create the perfect experience for you. Check our prices and plans to get a more personalized experience.

How to use Gamiteams

With our help you buy tokens. With one token you can start a game.

You tell us which game do you want to play and we'll schedule that game when you need it. With one token you can play with all users you want (we recommend between 4 and 8)

Access the game with the link we'll provide you. Gather your team in a video call and share your screen with the game open.

Just play! One game takes up to two hours, but you can finish it before if you wish, or make it longer with another token.